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Hans Kusters Music is an independent record label and music publisher founded by Hans Kusters in 1972. 


We represent many great international catalogues, as well as original copyrights from mainly Belgian and Dutch author/composers. As sub-publisher we proudly represent a number of international catalogues such as Jalma Music (Tom Waits), New Hidden Valley Music (Burt Bacharach), Chelsea Music and many more. Our catalog of originals consists of songs by Roland Verlooven, Clouseau, Stef Bos, Boudewijn de Groot, Rowwen Heze, Jack van Poll, El Fish, Hans de Booij, Het Gebaar, Pater Moeskroen, Wannes Van De Velde, to name only a few. Our responsibilities include title registration with the local societies, royalty collection and processing, rights distribution and creative licensing (synchronization). HKM is active in Belgium, The Netherlands, France and Spain. As a member of SABAM, Buma-Stemra, SACEM and the SGAE we can collect, and account, direct for any of the songs we represent.

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Under the HKM Labels umbrella we own a variety of labels, each covering a great mix of genres ranging from cabaret to jazz and from rock to literature, with artists like Stef Bos, Clouseau, Boudewijn de Groot, Ivan Paduart, Rony Verbiest, De Hobbyisten, El Fish, Vandiekomsa, Ingeborg, Jack van Poll, Johan Verminnen and many more. Under the HKM Literature Label, we release a fine selection of literature and poetry from Ramsey Nasr, Kris van Steenberge, Herman Brusselmans and many more.

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All our labels are distributed by Coast To Coast. Contactinfo: or +31 06 48 20 59