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Valenti Moya Meets Monk (Jazz Manouche Connection)

For first time ever, Thelonious Monk Jr. offers us some of the most acclaimed Monk s compositions recorded this time in Jazz Manouche key. A complete different feeling and view at the listening of some of the Monk s classics like "Teo", "Blue Monk" , "Let s Cool One" or "Epistrophy" with a swingy guitar Manouche touch coming hand on hand with the most recognized Spanish Manouche guitar player, Valenti Moya. The album also contains two songs written by Valenti Moya, "Always Know" and "Honesty", specially composed for the Manouche recording session with Monk. Thelonious fell in love with the two songs as he read the sheets music and the two musicians decided include them in this recording. The external musicians who have collaborated in this album are the current jazz highlights within the Spanish jazz spheres as piano player Marco Mezquide or Gemma Abrie with her powerful voice. A "must have" for all those Monk lovers.