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Disorder At The Border

Debut album of sax player Filippo Bianchini. Good, fluent and inspired writing combined with a very solid sound both group and individually thanks to the fact that the 4-tet musicians come from different generations which gives a special richness to the album (Nicola Andrioli piano, Jean-Louis Rassinfasse double bass and Armando Luongo at the drums). This album is the result of a big acumulation of Bianchini s ideas which gives to each song a different character. One can quickly feel his influences from Coltrane ballads in songs like “Try Not To Be Angry”, “Alabama” or “Naima”. Filippo also has written some songs without much thinking just looking for a melody like “FAB” or some songs containing the purest spirit of Jazz, improvisation like “Weaver of Dreams”. The album includes collaboration of John Ruoco (tenor sax and clarinet) and Rodolfo Neves (trumpet and flugelhorn). “Disorder At The Border” is the first Filippo Bianchi album as a leader, sure jazz devotees will wait for his next album.